Business & Professional Storage Solutions

Discover why so many businesses turn to South Side Storage for storage in Anchorage.

Office and retail space often comes at a premium, but it’s worth it when it attracts or impresses customers. So why are you spending that same money to keep business files or inventory on location?

Our Anchorage mini-storage units are perfect places to store the massive number of medical or legal records that can easily drown a practice after a few years. Retail businesses as well find self-storage is a great solution for their excess inventory, and with our heated storage units, we have customers storing vitamins, spices—even wine bottles—with complete confidence that their valuable goods will stay fresh.

Get rid of the headache of safely storing archival records or surplus supplies. Our business customers enjoy convenient access since South Side Storage is open every day of the year, while our state-of-the-art security system gives them peace of mind. Add our flexible storage options and knowledgeable staff to the picture, and you’ll soon see how South Side Storage helps so many Anchorage business owners.

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