Anchorage Self-Storage Advice

We’ve helped many, many Alaskans with their storage unit needs. Here are some things we’ve learned.

  • Clean it before you store it. Especially if you are storing clothes, appliances, or furniture, make sure the items are thoroughly cleaned before storing them to avoid unwanted bacterial growth or disintegration.
  • Box it and mark it. Whenever possible, store your goods in a box to keep them from getting dusty. Clearly label each box on two or more sides to make it easy to identify its contents.
  • Pack books on their flat side to protect their spines.
  • Use acid-free tissue paper when individually wrapping fragile items to avoid the yellowing that can occur from newspaper or cardboard.
  • Pack heavy objects in the bottom of boxes and light objects in the top. Fill the boxes to capacity to avoid shifting of contents. Packing peanuts are a great way to fill in space without adding weight.
  • Plan ahead and put your less-frequently used items in the back of your storage unit and reserve the front for items you will use more often.
  • Disassemble furniture before storing and wrap each part with bubble wrap for extra protection.